UDPSocket IP address problem

I’m having a problem with a UDPSocket. I’m attempting to connect to a DMX box (this is a protocol for stage lighting) connected directly to my computer through an ethernet cable. I’m monitoring my network traffic (with Wireshark) to see what’s being sent out. I have an off the shelf software that can talk to the DMX box, and I can see it’s network traffic as it communicates, so I’m trying to emulate what I’m seeing, but I’m having an odd IP issue. When I set my IP to “” which is the address returned from .BroadcastAddress, I can see the packet go out just as created. However when I set it to “” which is the address used by the software I’m trying to emulate, nothing ever hits the network. I’ve turned off my Wi-Fi, I’ve turned off my firewall, I’ve enabled the multicasting address as advised in another thread, but still nothing. No error is being thrown (after I enabled the address, anyway), but nothing is ever sent. The UDPExample program has the same issue, so I feel I’m missing something obvious. The boiled down code is simply:

Dim dg as Datagram = new Datagram()
dg.Port = 5568
dg.Data = “hello world”
dg.Address = “” // “”

dim udp as UDPSocket = new UDPSocket()
udp.Port = 53824

Any ideas as what I’m missing?

Hey, I don’t want to be annoying, but did anyone have any ideas here? Does anyone else get the same results out of the UDP Sample program? Thanks.