Ubuntu & Raspberry Pi 4?

Hey, has anyone gotten an Xojo app to run under Ubuntu?



I guess Xojo it does run under Ubuntu on a Raspberry Pi. That’s good news.

Any tips on making that happen? I’ve used Xojo for years but I’m new to Ubuntu.

Any help would be really appreciated.



My projects generally “just work” on out-of-the-box Ubuntu, Mint and some others. There are some Linux distros where one might have to install libunwind, which is a non-negotiable requirement. Some projects might require other libraries like libwebkitgtk–which again will just be there on Ubuntu.

Edit: To make it clear, I’m talking about my projects, both built and remote-debugged. I do not run the Linux Xojo IDE, if that’s what you mean.

Hey @Jerry_Fritschle,

Thanks very much for responding.

Well, I must be doing something stupid. I built for Linux ~ ARM 32-bit on my PC and then I transfer the app folder (including the libs folder) onto the Pi running Ubuntu. Open the apps folder open the Xojo app and I get: ‘There is no application installed for executable files…’

What simple thing am I missing?

[edit] Yes, just trying to get my projects running on Ubuntu not the IDE.

Thanks very much,


Offhand, right-click on the app file to get Properties. Make sure it has executable permissions.

I tried that. :frowning:

Man, I sure would like to get this working. Maybe you could send me one of your apps and I can see if I can get that running on Ubuntu. You’ve been able to get this to work so I’m excited to figure this out.

Would screen shots from me help?

I think Ubuntu for Raspberry PI 4 is 64 bit maybe ??

And Xojo only compiles 32 bit arm currently.

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Good thought. On my Pi I am running Rasberry Pi OS (which Xojo only officially supports), not Ubuntu. All of my Linux systems are VMs on my Mac.

As to 64-bit Ubuntu, I believe that 32-bit libraries are an optional install.


So you’ve never gotten a Xojo project running under Ubuntu?


On 32-bit and 64-bit Intel, I do it all the time. The question here is ARM Ubuntu on a Pi. As Björn said, that will likely be a 64-bit system, whereas the Debian-based Pi OS on my machine is 32-bit. You may have to see if yours has 32-bit libraries, since I don’t believe your Ubuntu installation provides them out-of-the-box.

Got cha! Thanks again for all the information!

Can you do “uname” in the terminal and past the output here it may help.