Ubuntu 18.04 and openglsurface

Hi guys. Ubuntu 18.04 64 bit Gnome interface (fresh install) and Xojo 2018r2. Any time my programs call a form with an openglsurface the program crashes (tested even with a new program made only of one form with only an openglsurface), while working fine in windows 10.
System requirements are satisfied, additional libraries have been installed, and libraries are ok (ldd command returns no problem). http://developer.xojo.com/system-requirements

Any idea?

Thanks in advence

Stefano - could you create a feedback report on this and attach that test project?

Hi TIm, already done. Feedback 53118.


Stefano, you can paste the F/B ‘Copy Sharing Link’ directly to get an auto link to it: <https://xojo.com/issue/53118>


But those links don’t work on Linux :confused:

Yep, feedback links don’t work on linux

But, they do work for those of us primarily working in Mac OS or Windows, so adding them to the thread makes it easier to locate what you’re doing.

Did you install Feedback from a DEB or RPM? Or, just download the TGZ?

That makes a differencce as the RPM and DEB should set up the right desktop entries in the custom URL scheme works.
The TGZ doesn’t as it’s not installed in the same manner and may be located anywhere which affects what entries would be needed.

I’ve done all three and the “feedback:” URI is not registered.