Typing speed - weird discovery

Once last week, and again this morning, the typing speed within the Xojo IDE got dramatic, about 3 seconds a character. Let’s say unworkable. I zipped the project, calculated with Dave’s tool, 46500 lines of code, and moved it to two other computers, one running Win10 as a VM and one native Win10. On both I launched the IDE, loaded the project and jumped right to a bookmark I had set earlier. Again, right from the start, ultra slow. No way to get around it. Thought I had to send in my project since I could just not continue anymore with it. Up till I restarted the IDE, loaded the same project again, but did not use bookmarks, went to the same method by manually, so not using the bookmarks. And oops, on normal speed, no slow typing at all. I checked this on my dev. Computer and yes, not using bookmarks worked also well here. Next I did a Bookmarks/Show all and jumped to the location in a method using the bookmark. From that point, ultra slow again.
Loading the project in 2017R3 also ended in slow typing after jumping to a bookmark, so think it’s a long standing issue we’re dealing with.

When I experience very slow typing I see the memory usage increasing to the astronomical 13,5 GB.
I was unable to reproduce this issue with just a small test project.
Could somebody, having a big project, repeat this test ?

Working on the project for half an our without using bookmarks.

If you hide the bottom pane when you show break points or bookmarks, this searching doesn’t happen live and it should be faster.

Eh? Are we reading the same post from Joost? :smiley: You comment on how to make search quicker when we’re talking about typing speed but you don’t mention the 13.5 GB memory usage!


Hang on

[h]13.5 GIGABYTES[/h]

“Sweet Christmas” - LC

Please send that project in Joost if you can repeat it.

13.5GB faints :wink:

Yes that’s true, and the difference is huge.
Please stop auto-synchronizing as long as this has such an impact while working on bigger projects.

Mistake: it’s 1.35 GB Even this is astronomic for any application. (1350.7 MB)

Ahha curse you and your funky decimals and commas in numbers :slight_smile:

Not quite so faint inducing then :wink:

Ok, this exercise learned me that the huge memory usage and the slow typing are different things.
Yes I can reproduce the 1,35 GB memory-consumption by just do a 64-bit run or build of the project. Related to incremental compiling ??

Boo, quite possibly.

Why does Xojo use only 1,3 GB on Windows? This is a very small amount. I’m at 6,86 here on my Air and need to restart soon.

Windows is better? :wink:

After one week of coding I can say that things work much better if you keep the find window shut.
I would opt for an option to switch off realtime synchronizing if that is what makes working on big projects so slow.
Memory usage is still going skyheight and restarting the IDE from zero is necessary to keep going smoothly