*.txt, *.log from WebFileUploader?

Is there not a filetype selection that can be used with WebFileUploader?

No, but you can filter files on the FileAdded event. http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/WebFileUploader.FileAdded

There is not not a filetype selection — so there IS a filetype selection? Guys, I understand double-negatives don’t always make a positive in Western English, but please consider those who so graciously struggle here with English as a second language.

I’ve been naughty… there have been naught answers to this question!
Don’t you not like English?

I thought it was pretty clear so here goes again in more wordy English.

There is NO built-in FileType filter. You can sort-of filter by using the FileAdded event to look at the file that the user has added and look at it’s file extension. If it doesn’t match what you want you can call the Remove method. It is NOT a FileType but it is A way to do filtering.

Nice one Brian! In many languages a double-negative is an emphatic negative.

I didn’t mean to make it a big issue, but I am always impressed at how many people from far-distant lands subscribe to this forum. They make the effort while I am too lazy to reciprocate do the same in return.

I’ve been told on many occasions to ‘keep it simple.’.
It’s all good, constructive criticism.

if I remember the javascript there is a possibility to tell the browser the type you want.


so you could maybe set this via javascript.

Is , “Je ne sait pas.”, a double negative?