Two windows with same controls, should they be named differently?


I am working on an app with two windows that are essential the same, except that one is used to add details to a database and the other is to edit those details. Initially I had only one window, and depending on which function (add or edit) was being called for I changed the Caption of any buttons or the Title of any window to suit. This soon got quite messy as there are a lot of controls on the windows.

So I created the two windows - one with the title “Edit Client” and the other “Add Client”. But each window uses the same name for each Label or TextField, Button, or whatever. Is that OK. I am assuming that because they are in their respective Window, they are separate as far as Xojo is concerned. But I don’t want this to come and bite me later, probably when I least expect it.


They are separate so don’t worry.