Two WebToolbars

I have two WebToolbars on one page. The first one is kind of static. The second one is located under the first one and is dynamic. The items of the second one change when I press a button on the top bar.

But, when I run the page, the second WebToolbar is positioned on top. And the first WebToolbar disappears.
Am I doing something wrong?

In 2018 someone had the same issue. But no answers there. So, I thought to revive that topic

you can’t position a webtoolbar where you want, nor change it’s size to other than full width.
it’s a serious “bug” for me. you can’t also put icons inside.
the better way is to make your own websdkuicontrol with a bootstrap navbar.

I needed a side bar working in pair with a webtoolbar. I made my own websdk component for this.
the examples are crude, but working and it’s quite easy to build after all.

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