Two questions [load Xojo - quit Xojo]

Laptop with Windows 8.1 and two Xojo versions.

a. How do I know which Xojo version I will open a project with ?
A right-click on a project displays:

Xojo Sojo …/…

b. How do I get off the error dialog at launch time ?
“This application encountered a fatal problem and must be shut down”

I tried either buttons: Report Now and Ignore, but nothing happens… only the same dialog.

Do not ask me what Xojo veersion this appears with (probably 15r1), because of a, I do not know.
I seem to recall that something have been done on that, but I ignore (do not recall) the concerned version number.

Xojo default opens the version that you have used last.
If you are using OS X and want to know the version a project was created/last modified you can use Christian’s free
MBS Xojo (Real Studio) QuickLook Plugin

Thank you, but this concern Windows only (thus the used channel).

On OS X (El Capitan), the (Default) is appended to flag one of the available versions. I have to know witch one it was… Yes, I didn’t realized that.

Oops, sorry my mistake.
Didn’t notice the Windows channels tag.

Since you created the thread, look at the top, you have the option to change channel.

Look in the registry under


No, it was not a mistake, I choosed the WIndows because the trouble was there.

BUT: thank you for telling me this: now if I (recall and) made a mistake I know how to repair it.

On OS X, I have an entry in the dock and run the xojo version I have a license to build (no, not alicense to kill !), then I click in the project entry I want in the recents list.

On Windows, even if I started to use Microsoft OS sinc the DOS time area (so, far before they made theyr own copy of Mac OS), I am far less comfortable with it.

Thanks for your answer. Can you expan a little bit your answer (I do not know how to use your answer).