Two monitors (dual display) solution idea?

Is it possible to run application on first monitor and put it in the systray or hide, but to show in fullscreen on another monitor.
Simply… how to do this:

Show Window1 on Moni1 and Hide Window1 on Moni2 at same time.


Don’t know about systray, but look at the screen method

you are talking about TWO instances of “window1”… not ONE instance displayed twice…

and if so, then I see no reason why not, as each instance has its how properites…

but the concept of “hide on mon2” is kind of a misnomer… it is hidden or it is visible

So your question might be … “Can I have two instances of WIndows1, one each displayed on different monitors?”

I want to set my application (Window1 in fullscreen) visible only on second display.


Idea is to put application in startup folder, and to read daily shedule from database when windows start and shows it only on second display.

Thanks Dave, I will try.