Two basic questions, project

  1. I looked at the examples in the example folder and these were saved in the project format. While as my own files (and some other example files) are saved in the “.rbp” format. Does it matter what format I choose?

  2. When developing stand alone applications for Mac, Win and Linux, how do you prefer to distribute your application? On your own website or through a third party like tocow or maybe or similar…?

  3. What payment service would you suggest to an European developer to look at when making business in the USA? PayPal?

All examples included with Xojo use xojo_binary_project format.

The “rbp” format is the equivalent format used by Real Studio. Xojo can also use these older formats.

You can read about the different formats in User Guide Book 1: Fundamentals. Binary Project is a single-file project format and is the only format available with unlicensed versions of Xojo. Licensed versions can use XML format or the Text format.

Thank you! But, does it matter what kind of format I use…?
Because if not, then I don’t mind.

I notice, the size differ, but maybe it’s the project itself since these are not the same project.
I think, it’s not a big deal then! Thank you!