I’m on the verge of leaving Twitter. I realized recently how little I actually get from it. I had been away on a family road trip for a while and hadn’t been checking it and when I got home, I spent about 15 minutes trawling through all the stuff I had missed and at the end of the 15 minutes, I couldn’t remember one single thing I had learned or enjoyed reading. I have so little time these days and I’m forever trying to simplify my life and minimize time-wasting activities. I do choose the people I follow quite carefully but maybe I need to be even more picky! :slight_smile: So, in one final attempt to make Twitter interesting to me, if there’s anybody on the Xojo forums who also tweets, perhaps you’d share your Twitter username? I already follow Xojo, Bob Keeney and a couple of other Xojo people but interested to know if there’s more of us out there. I’ve no interest in what you had for your breakfast etc, but if you tweet about technology and programming (Xojo in particular), I’d like to follow you. If you want to follow back, I’m

Well I go by tekcor. Can’t say I’d offer you anything interesting, but there it is.

I follow you :slight_smile:

In Brazil Twitter is dying. I just know people that used it, don’t know who uses. The fever ended by 2011 maybe.

I am going to get a pulled pork sandwich for lunch

That WAS less that 140 characters right? and just as useful

Twitter & Facebook and the like: foolish chattering and a huge waste of time.
My catchline: No news, no chat - read books!

I do sign up many news feeds with valuable informations. So, I can’t agree with the “No news” part.
But I agreed with Dave: Twitter became news about where people are going, and Instagram photos of what people are eating.

@BradHutchings. I promise that my Twitter feed will never contribute anything useful. But I use it as kind of a “hang” with some very funny people. Join in and you’ll laugh every day.

I do already and I don’t need Twitter for that :stuck_out_tongue:

@lbhuston and I usually post any security findings about Xojo via Twitter.