Twitter Comes Crawling Back to Developers

"We can’t stand alone. We need your help.” -Jack Dorsey

TechCrunch story here:

Did anybody here get burned with a Twitter client? Would you trust Twitter to not pull the football away again - Charlie-Brown style?

Your link is ill formed. Instead of going through the icon, I usually simply paste the link as text and the forum does the rest.

I believe you are referring to

Dorsey must be pretty desperate to court developers now, after slapping them in the face. Fact is Twitter has failed to show results to investors, and its business model is less and less credible. Who wants to interface with Twitter anyway ?

Well, Twitter is still one of the “super platforms” where a client app could sell in very large numbers. I’m not planning one myself, but there are a few annoying things in Twitter that I would like to correct.