Tweak Windows 10

Here is a simple tool to adjust a lot of settings like “automtic updates” etc. It’s free and knows a lot of backdoors to tweak Windows 10.
Although I read about users who are quite happy with it for a year already, I would advice to put a snapshot on your VM if you test it. The vendor updates regularly with new settings.

Works fine for some of my customers since several months (those who chose to upgrade to windows 10; most of my customers still use Windows 7 until it’ll get no further support from M$).

We install this tool on every Windows 10 machine we sell to give users a tool to adjust the security level and keep windows 10 from calling home without users notice. The only (known*) problem is, you have to check your settings again after each windows update. Cause then some settings are changed by M$ again … and again … and again …

* on known knowns and unknown unknowns please check the US philosopher Donald Rumsfeld. :wink:

Looks useful! Just a question, setting the switch to ‘green’, is that allowing Windows to do it, or disallowing?

Not at all. Most green switches means more security aso. Only those switches for useful settings or behavior you need (description is shown on each setting when you click it) is to keep to be orange or red. Red usually means ‘Standard Windows 10’-settings enabled, so in case of ‘calling home’ it’s piling up big data on users aso.

So Red means Microsoft default settings,
Green means User new default settings (the one that ough to be out of the box)