Turning a boring Christmas tech support hours email into a marketing opportunity

Hi there,

Around this time of year we like to send an email about what our tech support arrangements are over Christmas; our usual standard is to try to reply within an hour during UK office hours (yes, I know that’s generous!) but over Christmas we like to try to take a bit of a break. Last year we realised that this could actually be a marketing opportunity for us, so put a lot of work into it; this year I’ve done even more. (About six hours’ work for this one email.) The idea is that if we can produce something which is good enough or funny enough then people will start putting on Twitter, Facebook and so on ‘Have you seen what this little company did? Isn’t that great?’ then other people will go to our website and maybe we’ll build some more awareness of what we do.

Anyway: the segment of email follows; make sure you go to our website and have a look at it :slight_smile:

Merry Christmas.

Hamish and Tom

It’s that time of year again: the icicles are forming on the ceiling of the secret Light Blue bunker, and we’re making our annual excursion for supplies for 2015.

Most software companies will send out a boring list of tech support timings over the festive period, or hide behind a dull blog post. Not us - but then, of course, we’re not most software companies. This year we’ve recorded the Light Blue Christmas Tech Support Carol - head over to our website to have a listen, and to find out our tech support arrangements between Christmas Eve and 5 January.

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nice idea!

Ha! Great carol! :wink:

Watched it twice! :wink:

Ha! I have to admit I’ve heard it more times than I would care to… Feel free to vote for us in the awards I mentioned; you don’t have to be a photographer, and every little helps :slight_smile:

Fantastic! Loved it! Very creative and well executed. It’s sure to get you some special attention and hopefully more sales.

[quote=152759:@Hamish Symington]
Last year we realised that this could actually be a marketing opportunity for us, so put a lot of work into it; this year I’ve done even more.[/quote]
Seems like you realized posting it here is also a marketing opportunity :stuck_out_tongue:

I can sympathize
Worked for a company making video jukebox about 12 years ago and writing the operating software we had a bug that meant it ALWAYS started with one particular song - Corazon Espinado by Santana
The first hundred times or so it wasn’t an issue as we were focused on another area
But we hired a new guy & that became his FIRST task find and fix that bug - turned out to be quite obscure in a very weird way but revealed an issue we had in a USB driver.

Brilliant ! Bravo !


very impressive… watch twice already