Turn of editor center on Home/end?

Every time I hit the home or end key in the code editors the editor centers the view and I have to spend a moment to adjust my eyes to where I was.

Can this be turned of?

I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but you can adjust Home and End behavior in Preferences->Coding:

Lemme see if I can explain it a bit better…

Load up a project and go to a method with a bunch of code in it.

Now use the arrow keys to navigate to somewhere near the bottom of the current page of code in the editor.

Hit home or End keys, and the editor will snap the view of the code so your text caret is now in the center of the editor.

Every time this happens you need to adjust your eyes from the bottom of the editor or where ever you happened to be, to the center of the screen.

Basically he’s saying that if you have the preference set for home/end keys to “Move cursor to beginning and end of current line” that it will also vertically center the current line within the editor’s view, even if the line was already displayed on screen.

Hmm I don’t have those options on the preferences/coding tab on windows 7 64bit.

I just did an update check and I’m on the latest version.


Regardless, I don’t want to lose the standard behavior of any program ever with text entry where home and end moves to beginning and end of the current line just to get rid of the annoying centering, which it seems like those options would do. I certainly don’t want home and end to move to the beginning and end of the current document, that’s what control+end/home is for.