Tuesday Xojo Hangout (2021-01-26)

Tuesday Xojo Hangout

Topic: What are you doing with Xojo & other general chat
Time: January 26, 2021 2021-01-26T19:00:00Z (local time, 40 minutes)

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Meeting ID: 850 6086 9942
Passcode: Ew59yn

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This starts in 1 hour, see you there! :slight_smile: @Geoff_Perlman will be there today, so stop by and say hello!

Hi Dana! I do look forward to joining you guys in the next round of Hangouts.
Question: Are we required to drink hard liquor during these sessions, or is it okay to be sober?

You can drink whatever you like! We look forward to you joining us sometime :slight_smile:

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