Trying to Remote Debug on Raspberry Pi - Getting Error

Hey all,

I’m getting the following error in the terminal of the PI when trying to do a remote debug to Raspberry PI:

Runtime Error
Please report what caused this error along with the information below.
Common/DebuggerSupport.cpp: 428
Failure Condition: breakaddr >= 0 and breakaddr < sCodeSectionLength

Doesn’t even run the first line of code…

What is wrong?

I can run a simple app from the examples folders…

Oddly enough, I can compile and run the app just fine. But given the UI quirks of Linux and the amount of work needed to make it look decent, I really need to be able to do it in the debugger.

This implies to me a bug in the debugger.

That indicates a breakpoint which is either before the first line or after the last line in a code block. It shouldn’t be able to get into this state obviously, but I suggest that you clear all breakpoints and try again.

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That’s odd as I don’t have any trouble running natively in OS X. And I don’t have any issues running remote debugging on OS X or Windows. But I will try your suggestion.