Trying to Logout Another Session

How can I have a user from one session log another out.

For example, I have an admin screen where I can set other’s attributes, and I may want to punt someone out of the web app.

I have an array of “sessions” and call a method on one “logOut”. That clears a bunch of session variables, creates a new login screen and calls it.
All this works fine, EXCEPT if I create a new login screen and show it. If I do this, it shows for both the session I wanted to log out, and for the session I am administrating from.

Very strange.

I am calling useing "self." from within the session that should log out.

I’m positive I’m just doing something stupid, but I could use some assistance and suggestions.

There’s an array of sessions on the app class. Compare the Identifier properties.

I think that’s the ticket.
I was caching them myself, but when I started using the one in the app class it all started to behave.