Trying To Choose A Way To License My Software

I was wondering what people would recommend for me to do. I have been looking into different license systems and how I can roll my own license system. The difficulty which I am having is the thought that if I roll out my own license system then any changes I want to make will be difficult to maintain. I have Wordpress installed on my website and I have seen there is plugins available for license key generation. I wonder what people recommend for me if I do not want to do too much maintenance in the future.

I am looking at how I can startup a software product and I do have money to invest in software but I’d rather not pay a subscription. I do not feel safe in writing a license system and then changing it later with lots of maintenance required. I have looked into how to create my registration algorithm but I am not sure how I can maintain all the purchases. I initially just want to rely on a system like PayPal to handle payment of licenses. I want to be able to conveniently handle refunds under warranty.

As discussed in previous threads, I do not believe too much of the emphasis of the product is preventing people from being able to crack the software. I am more bothered about setting up a system which can be maintained in the long-term run.

I would like to supply license keys to anybody who signs up to my newsletter and I would like to supply license keys to anybody who purchases. I do not want to take sensitive information like credit card information through my website (at least until I have the funding to put that kind of system in place from my website).

Any systems or suggestions?


There was a related discussion this week at

I and several others described principles we use daily.

Try to pick something straightforward enough to last, and simple enough for users to prevent excessive headaches.

Thanks for the help.