trying the new 2016version r2

XojoGUIFramework32.dll is more and more bigger… could not understand… could this cut down to several piece?
many people likes small app…

Probably an enormous amount of extra graphics to support hdi

Compared to which other version? It has been rather large for a few versions.

you could see the recent versions and search this forums.

Developer here do not care as I could read in this forum.

From a very long experience, I have come to realize users seldom care about file size ; they very much more often like features !.

If you look around, you will see more and more of those comparatives with check marks with sometimes esoteric features, but fact is, we all tend to want more for the price.

As a programmer, I may never use certain things or very seldom, but yet I enjoy having them at my disposal. On the other hand, if I want to compete in that great wild new world where there are millions and millions of people like me elbowing to be noticed, I better be technically ready for HiDPI, Windows 10, macOS Sierra, touch screen and whatever else is becoming mandatory with the new hardware. Sure, I did like RS2007, but come on, would you like a computer from that era ?

We’re since 1983 on the market for standard software with more than 15.000 installations an NO customer has EVER mentioned that the programs are too large. Instead of looking for size (Disk space is cheap today) we have to look at the performance of our applications. That’s a point for users!

I have a class I use in most of my applications that makes my database calls agnostic which means my applications ship with all the native Xojo database plugins used or not. Do they worry? Not one little bit, in fact they seem to think I’ve done more work because of the size of the download.

You might want to look at the psychology of

The large framework is simply a fact of life in Xojo Windows. Like others have said, it’s necessary to support all the features of the language.