Trying RestFULL API, LUNA etc

In a related Xojo.Blog article

using the following code to update the record, I got an error in
MySocket1.sendItem(item, “”)

[code]Dim MySocket1 As HTTPSecureSocket
dim d as new dictionary
d.value(“Title”) = “Mi nuevo album”
d.value(“ArtistId”) = “1111”

dim item as new JSONItem

item.Value(“newAlbum”) = d
MySocket1.sendItem(item, “”)[/code]

Lastly, I am unable to use LUNA and Paw in Windows. I know that Paw is only for MAc. When I run LUNA, locally, I get a screen with

A RESTful API Server Framework for Xojo
Version 2016.02.19

How can effectively make use of it and experiment with SQLite databases ? The related webseminars are not showing how to setup and get it up… they show just how they can be used by the user to call/test APIs…

Have a look on I had same issues and I ended up using AloeExpress and LunaExpress , I guess similar thing but made better . You do have some examples there and as well you have Tim’s Keynote on Demos & Presentations. as for API testing client I ended up using Postman it does the job and it’s free.

Thanks… Is it possible to give a reference to Tim’s Keynote on Demos & Presentations for using LUNA?When I run Aloe-express I get an empty shell windows.

Well I did pointed above the link for it and mentioned all have a look on the previous post.