Trying iOS (again)

Now and then I dip a toe into starting up an iOS project to see if I get any inspiration.
The iPad Pro might just swing things for me to reconsider doing an iPad app.

I did that this week. Its still a daunting task… not much of what I see when I get there is familiar Xojo.
But I found that I couldnt even click run to try anything.

I’ve searched… is it really the case that XCode9 (which happily installs itself on my machine) isnt any use for Xojo?
If I have to install Xcode 8,
a/ why?
b/ wont that break my carefully set up environment which I currently use to codesign the apps which put food on the table? (ie: not happy to risk it at this point…)

a/ Because Apple changed how the simulator launches and runs in 9 and Xojo hasn’t caught up to the changes yet.
b/ As far as I know, you can have both 8 and 9 installed. I have them both loaded now and haven’t had any problems, but I haven’t done much with 9 yet. Search the forum for more info as this has come up multiple times already.