Try Valentina Server for Raspberry

Hi All,

you can download the first archive of Valentina Server for Raspberry here:

This includes all 3 main components:

  • Valentina DB Server
  • Valentina SQLite Server
  • Valentina Report Server

On this week we will also add Xojo plugin for this platform.
It already exists and works, just we need setup automated build machines for this.

We will consider Raspberry as “another linux”, so you should use standard our licenses for linux.

You can get free license as always in our online store.
Free license includes

  • 5 connections for Valentina DB and Reports Servers
  • 10 connections for SQLite Server.


VServer is Installed. (On my BananaPi Pro)

Next Step. Copy the Database(s) and Projects / Reports.

and then comes the Testing. :slight_smile: :smiley: