Try to understand DB and API

I have experience with Xojo apps for mac and pc and starting to understand iOS. There are some projects I want to incorporate in my business that would involve having users on mobile phones and web browsers enter data(location data ie GPS from phone, keywords) and do searches on the database where the API would handle queries based on user search criteria and return locations with keywords describing the location(#3bed, #2story, 3500sf etc) up to 10 keywords.

I have sites and hosting with Godaddy, they told me I can get a dedicated server with cpanel and upload my own API on it and I can manage the server: “It could handle thousands of connections at once, and just keep adding servers and hard drives if the users exceed the connections”.

Since I know Xojo to some extent, would this type of API be well suited to something built in Xojo that can scale up as users increase? Is there an example already done for databases that resembles this type of need to both allow a user to upload data, then other users to search by keyword criteria?

user1 user2 user3 user4 user5 etc