Try to connect to my server

Var f as New FolderItem((“file://myIP/”).child(WebPage1.PopupMenu1.SelectedRowValue).child(me.SelectedRowValue+".xml"), FolderItem.PathModes.URL)

I used so many different way.

If you are trying to deliver a file from the server to the browser, try using a WebFile instead and then call the ShowUrl method with its URL property.

It’s simple, choose a xml file and display it in a list box.

MANY TESTS, from server, from desktop, from folder.

FolderItem ??

As Greg indicated, yes. Select a folderitem, assign it to a webfile and then send it to the browser. Here is a part of a method where I created a PDF file, opened it as a folderitem and now I am assigning it to a webfile for download.:

 ' Assign folderitem to webfile (property of the page)
If ZSP <> Nil And ZSP.Exists Then                               'ZSP is a folderitem (PDF file) defined and created earlier in the method
  Self.PDFFile = Self.PDFFile.Open(ZSP,False)                   'PDFFile is a webfile defined as a property of the page 
  Self.PDFFile.UseCompression = False
  Self.PDFFile.ForceDownload = True
  System.debuglog ("Folderitem does not exist")                ' Log folderitem is nil or does not exists
End If

' Present webfile for download
If Self.PDFFile <> Nil Then
  System.debuglog ("Webfile does not exist")                   ' Log webfile is nil or does not exists
  MsgBox("The PDF file is not available.")
End If

Something like this should do it. This is a quick and dirty piece of code done in 2019 R3.1. It will need adjustments for 2020.

Oh. just realized “show it in a listbox”. That is going to be a challenge if you want the formatted XML text in the listbox. Getting to the file (folderitem or perhaps text input stream) and reading it is easy. Showing it formatted in the listbox will probably be the challenge.

Thanks, GetFolderItem is actually very powerfull for me. I’m not able to do the upgrade.