Try End Try Err on sqlite

Hello ,

It seems that there is something weird with the IDE or maybe i`m doing something wrong

i just put this in the method and i cannot run the app as it stops on the SQLiteException part

[code] Try

Catch e As SQLiteException

End Try


and as an error i get

App.CreateSearchDB, Line 10 - Can`t find a type with this name Catch e As [b]SQLiteException[/b]

Any idea why ?

what version of xojo do you use ?

Hello Jean-Yves ,

I`m using the latest one on mac, 2016R1.1

also this exception is from the new framework, only for iOS projects . is it what you are doing ?

Oh, no, maybe that`s why, i put that in a desktop project and i noticed once i commented that it works ok, so i guess i have to use other way or the normal way of connecting to the db without the try catch .


just check db.errorcode after each sqlselect or sqlexecute.