try... Catch problem

I am developing a web app where select users can upload certain documents pertaining to an event, that general users can then download as required. I am having some difficulty with the code that will download the document. Specifically, when a document was manually removed, I have a try catch logic to skip the download. The problem is however that I don’t reach the Catch section, I have a unhandled exception (nilobject exception, which is what I was trying to catch) in the try section.

Usually, such issues result from my code being incorrect, but I don’t see what I could be doing wrong. So, here it is. What am I doing wrong?

The user selects a file name in a listbox. The file was previously saved in a folder that is specific to the environment. :

If Me.listindex > -1 Then
  Dim SavedFile As folderitem
  Dim UploadedFile As String
  UploadedFile = Me.cell(Me.listindex,0)

  SavedFile = App.ExecutableFile.Parent.Child("UploadedDocuments")  ' get to the uploaded documents folder
  SavedFile = SavedFile.child(Session.ZENV)                         ' Reach the environment subfolder
    SavedFile = SavedFile.Child(UploadedFile)                             ' the actual file to download   <---this is where the application fires the nilobjectexception 
  Catch err As RuntimeException
    If err IsA NilObjectException Then
      MsgBox ("Le fichier n'est pas disponible.")
      Return                                                        ' do nothing - early return  --- need to build logging here
    End If
  End Try

..... (method continues)

This is with 2017R3 on Windows 10 X64 (the app is compiled 32 bit)

Thanks in advance.

I think I may have found my answer in an older thread

the debugger would stop at the error before my code has a chance to handle it, so when running in the IDE I would have to use #Pragma BreakOnExceptions to let my code handle it. back to testing this.

of course… Worked on it for hours, and found the solution right after posting. Hopefully, it is going to be useful to someone else.