Troubles with WFS


I have troubles with Windows Functionality Suite. At compile time (either in the IDE or generationg a standalone (…) ):

 ConstructorHelper( owner.Handle, owner.GrowIcon )

That is in StatusBarWFS.Constructor, line 1.

Without knowing what the error is no one will be able to help you


Thank you for your kind answer.

That was the reported error:

ConstructorHelper( owner.Handle, owner.GrowIcon )

I uncompressed the zip first, then “I run the project as is”.

So, I do not even know how it looks (I stopped after the error).

Hi Emile,

That’s where it stops. What is the actual error? Is it a syntax error?

Hi Tim,


I loaded the project main file, press the green triangle (run it) and get the error I reported above.

Tell me if I have to re-do the (line above) process and if you want a screen shot.


Do a global search and change:




The reason is that owner.GrowIcon has been deprecated, therefore you have to use owner.Resizable.
I’ve had the same issue. It should fix your problem.

I presume the change will be reflected in the next version of WFS (I hope).


Hi Grant,

I just checked and… the winner is… Grant.

However, the application cannot be run on OS X… (but I can built the exe).

“Create multi-platform desktop, web and web-mobile apps”…

Now, I can start to explore it.

Thanks a lot all.

I took the zip from:

BTW: once I read Grant answer (GrowIcon), I had the idea to check a little bit and saw that owner is a Window and I get an eye on the Window CLass. Now I understand.


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Done !

Grant and Emile,

As fate would have it, I just discovered this same issue with the latest WFS version. I’ve followed the recommendation and changed the owner.GrowIcon to owner.Resizable, but I’m still seeing the same error in StatusBarWFS.

don.t make use of the Windows-specific StatusBar, and deleting that code solves the issue, but it really should be fixed in WFS.

@Kem Tekinay - anything that you can do here?


I found another problem with WFS that I’ve overcome by modifying the code. I wanted to read the Windows file metadata that you can see when right-clicking on a file and choosing ‘Properties’ then clicking on the ‘Details’ tab (WIN7). The WFS code was crashing when attempting to read the data. A slight modification to the code fixes the problem, and now does what I want.

It’s in the ‘FolderItemExtensionsWFS’ module method ‘GetVersionInformationWFS’

Contact me if you want the modified code.


Hi Grant,

I changed owner.GrowIcon to owner.Resizable and I still get the error
Error: Type “Window” has no member named “Resizable”.

I am also getting an error
Error: Type “BinaryStream” has no member named “ReadShort”.

How can I fix that?