Troubles launching Xojo on 10.9.2 first run but not only

I get the following message yesterday after applying the 10.9.2 update:

Windows users, do not smile, because I got the same on Windows XP, but I do not found the screen shot I am sure to have done… * I found it ! *

A subsequent re launch does not display this (THIS) problem.

BUT: how many clicks must I make in the Ignore button to get the Ignore effect ? I stopped after more than 30 (both platforms).

ALSO, click in Report Now is no more helpfull: it launch Feedback (as some may attend), Feedback try to connect to the internet and cannot. THIS USER IS TIRED of been enterring in cul-de-sac…

I do not even recall how I can Force Quit under Windows ! I “Force Quitted” VirtualBox.

WARNING: yesterday was a real nightmare … err: Daymare ? I had tons of troubles.


You wouldn’t happen to have some old .rbx plugins installed in Xojo, would you? These crashes certainly could be caused by that. Also, on OS X, please go to the Console and see if any information is shown there right after the IDE crashes.