Trouble With Creating Events

Hello all,

I am having a horrible time trying to understand what I am doing wrong with trying to create events. I have been able to get these to work in the past, but this time, I am working on a web app and for some reason cannot get a clear understanding of what I am doing wrong, what is missing, and overall what components are needed to make this work properly.

I created a small project [url= /url]
I would really appreciate anyones input on this.
Thank you,

When you use AddHandler, the method being added needs an extra parameter at the beginning of the type of object that’ll be sending the event.

In your case ShowMenu will be called from a Navigator_Main so the signature will be

Sub ShowMenu( sender As Navigator_Main )

A single method can be AddHandlered to multiple objects, in that case the sender parameter can be used to differentiate which is calling it. You can name this parameter whatever you want but it has to be the right type.

Thank you Will!

It has been more than a year since I looked at these things, and even then they were a bit challenging!

Thank you for showing me what was missing. I appreciate it very much!