Trouble with containercontrol

I’m having trouble with a containercontrol (sorry, Desktopcontainer) in 2021r3. I have a single DesktopCanvas in the container. The Paint event does nothing but draw the border. I have the following line in the DoublePressed event:

RaiseEvent DoublePressed(x, y)

and have added the appropriate Event Definition to the container. There is nothing else in the container.

After dragging an instance to the main window, I put the following code in the instance’s DoublePressed event handler

Textfield1.Text = str (X) + " : " + str (y)

and expected the text to show in the window’s TextField when I double click on the control but it doesn’t see the event. A breakpoint set on the RaiseEvent statement does not trip.

This exact code, except for the objects and event names being API2 versions, works in 2021r2. So what am I doing wrong and how might I fix it?

Make an example for us to test.

I was curious and made an example:

The events that happen are raised fine. But the events don’t all fire.

  • Open: ok
  • MouseDown: doesn’t fire on a single mouse down but on multiple click
  • DoubleClick: doesn’t fire at all

High Sierra, 2021r3.

DoublePressed was bugged in 2021r3, its just been fixed in 2021r3.1