trouble with book example

I am going through the textbook. This is where I am at. The FontListBox’s has an open event. When I try and Navigate to the change event which I believe is Selchange all that happens is that the open event pops back up. How do I Navigate to FontListBox’s Change event and add this code:

  1. Navigate to FontListBox’s Change event and add this code:
    If Me.ListIndex <> -1 Then
    PreviewField.TextFont = Me.List(Me.ListIndex)
    End if


Use this:
PreviewField.TextFont = me.text

me.ListIndex as an integer value which is the popup row number

Try the Change event, not the SelChange. Sleeting is used where the text in the list is changed.

I can’t find Change event.

Add one ?

open your window1, change to layout view, right click on your combobox => add to Combox### => “Event Handler” and select “change” from the menu.

Thank you so much. Being brand new…it’s taking a bit to get used to the IDE and all that it contains.


If you want a different approach, some people have found video training helpful. I have over 64 hours of Real Studio and Xojo video that covers a lot of territory. We also three complete, start to finish, web series. Two for desktop and one for web. You might find it helpful.

I subscribed to the BKeeney videos when I first started with Xojo 5 years ago. Really helped me get up to speed quickly rather than muddling through all the new things around me. Highly recommended.