Trouble downloading 2022r1.1

Anyone else having trouble downloading today’s update? I’ve tried four times in the last two hours and it keeps failing right at 150MB.

No, I was succesful on the first try; however I did have that problem with prior betas - seems like a CDN caching issue?

I haven’t received any reports of this.

No problems, downloaded on first try.

I’ll keep trying.

Happened to me the first time but on retry it seems to work fine (slow connection today).

Seems like it fails while the CDN has not yet distributed the whole file to various local servers.

So first download fails, but second one later works.

I had such kind of issue other day. It seemed a CDN issue, or overload, or some kind of throttling on the Xojo hosting end. Right now I’ve downloaded it at 28MB/s in few seconds.

I finally got it last night. Thx everyone.