Trouble connecting to remote mysql database with web app

Any help solving this would be awesome. I am trying to get a web app to work where I have a hosted domain with mysql running on it (5.4 version) and can connect with SQLYOG without any issues. i want the app to pull data from a place the app does not exist. I can connect to mysql with no problem on a different host inside my LAN but when i change the settings to go to the hosted domain database, i get connection errors using identical code. the only thing that i change to go between the two databases is the IP address since both are configured identically. I have validated no firewall blocking of the port. also, how do you specify a port number since mDB.Port does not exist in the list when the … pops up. i am using latest version of xojo professional, here is the code for dbConnect method:

mDb = New MySQLCommunityServer
mDb.Host = App.DBhostName
mDb.UserName = App.DBloginID
mDb.Password = App.DBPwd
mDb.DatabaseName = App.DBName

The error message for the issue stated above is Unknown MySQL host. But the host name resolves with SQLYOG connecting to it.

I figured this out - on the hosting platform (GoDaddy) you are required to use a fully qualified hostname for direct access connections, so adding that within cpanel fixed the issue.