Trigger a switch or relay with touch or face ID on iOS

I know this is unusual request but I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I have a couple of power boats and am also looking at an open top car. I’d like to securely wire the ignition so it can be operated by face or Touch ID on a phone. My thought is to have simple app which would display the appropriate vehicle and then a verified ID would activate the ignition circuit for a simple push button start. I’d be happy to plug the phone in but some sort of near field access would be, well, insanely great.

Can anyone suggest where I might start, in particular any appropriate hardware which can be communicated to with a XOJO iOS app. Also where to start with communicating with the iOS ID mechanism.

Will let you do FaceID. For communication with some hardware it will be more difficult as you’ll need to use a plug-in or declares and Bluetooth most likely.

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