Transparent Overlays in windows on MS Windows


I am searching for a way to create semi-transparent rectangles which are placed above controls on Windows.

Reason is, my Library here doesn’t work on Windows, cause the transparent properties aren’t applied.

I already talked with @Ivan_Tellez about this on another thread, but I thought it might be better to discuss this separately.

Is this really so hard to achieve?

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Our OverlayMBS class may help you.

This is nice, but for my Intro-Library it is better to not rely on third party plugins, as they aren’t installed on every users IDE.

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You can do a #if to disable MBS functions:

#If MBS.HasOverlayPlugin Then

but that needs our Main plugin.


You could fudge it by having a screenshot of the dialog in the vanilla state, and drawing semi-transparent rectangles on the image

Then display the image over the actual screen.

You can detect clicks and react accordingly, but obviously you would need to quickly hide your canvas if the mouse was clicked.

That is a nice workaround idea. Propper resizing is then a problem, but that is the tradeoff then.

Xojo Inc. should implement your Plugins into Vanilla Xojo :sweat_smile: