.Transparent: Integer or Boolean ?

The actual answer is… it depends !

If you use MyPict.Transparent (when MyPict is declared as Picture), you have to use 0 (white * is Opaque) or 1 (white is Transparent)

If you use a Canvas (the Backdrop Property), you have to use a Boolean.

This is in the LR for Xojo 2017r2.

I was fooling around because I had a bug to squash (a display bug) and I was not able to remove it.


  • Pure white as in RGB(255,255,255)…

Integer , 0 or 1
only applies to non alpha picture

p=new picture(100,100,32)


p=new picture(100,100)

Yes Dave, and what about the inconsistentcy: Integer (Picture) or Boolean (Canvas.Backdrop) ?

I am sorry Emile… do you expect ME to explain how/why Xojo made decisions that they did?

Picture is 0 or 1
Canvas is True or False

So says the LR

No, I don’t.

So I read.

Have a nice Sunday (here it is nearly done).

If you use the Backdrop property, it’s still an integer.
Picture.Transparent - Integer
Canvas.Transparent - Boolean
Canvas.Backdrop.Transparent - Integer (it’s a Picture)

And as Dave said, it applies to old style pictures only.

My bad, I meant: Canvas.Transparent .

And I forgot to say that I was asking myself “Why did they use 0-1 as Integer instead of a Boolean” ?

Now, if everyone is happy with that…

My guess would be that that value is what is passed to the underlying system calls.