Transparent cannot be used on Image with Alpha

Ok… this I understand… but what I don’t understand is why I am getting this error message

I am attempting to update a program I wrote a few years back,

  • It did not have ImageSets … I am in the process of converting all graphics to this so I can make it Retina pretty later
  • I updated from 32bit compile to 64bit compile
  • there were many many p.Transparent=1 commands… I have removed EVERY one of them

Is there another property somewhere that I might have missed???
or might it be because I haven’t converted ALL the graphics to imagesets yet???

In the inspector ? Transparent is a property of an image in the project, as well as a picture you create at runtime…

It is? best I can see is an ImageSet has one property… and that is its Name
(I have since converted all discrete images to imagesets)

I do have TRANSPARENT set on CONTROLS, but not on Pictures or Images

seems this app had TWO folders of images… and the transparent property that Jeff mentioned WAS set on those
converting them to Imagesets solved the problem :slight_smile:

well kind of… that problem went away… but now it silently crashes … :frowning: