Transparent bitmap

Using Xojo 2021, I can create a PICTURE in code
It cant use a depth ( new picture(64,64,32) )
and it doesn’t allow a MASK

So the new picture (64,64) is transparent by default. OK
It doesn’t have a GRAPHICS.PIXEL

What I want to do is draw a picture into that and cut out areas, so that I have what ‘feels’ like a sprite… such that I can paste it onto an existing picture and be able to see through the holes.
I always used to use a Mask for this

How can I do that in iOS in Xojo 2021?

I did try drawing on it using a drawing color of &c00000000 (gave me black)
and &c000000FF (changed nothing)

I tried applying a clipped graphics path to the area I wanted to paste into.
That didnt quite work… I got bits, and squares.
Thinking it might be the clipping which was the problem, I added a restorestate, at whihc pouint the whole app crashed without warning, so I am at an impasse