Transparency was lost for PNG

Hi Guys,

I am working with my xojo web app working with simple record and database for people profile.
I saved photo by converting picture to string (BASE64).
However, when I show thru WebImageView the transparency of png file is gone and was replaced by white color.
I am wondered why.

Is there a way on how to preserve the transparency of a picture when converting it to string?

Why don’t you show us your conversion code, to and from base64.

Thank Greg,

Here is my PictureToString Function

[code]dim sVal as string

If p=Nil Then Return “”

sVal = EncodeBase64(p.GetData(Picture.FormatPNG),0)

Return sVal[/code]

and this is my StringToPicture function

[code]’// Convert a String to a picture
Dim p As picture
If data="" Then Return Nil


Return p