Transparency for listboxes, so they would work with OSX 10.10 vibrancy?

Come on folks. Didn’t you read that the listbox will not be deprecated for years? And that the listbox will be replaced, not removed?

Much angst about what might happen at some undetermined point in the future. It sounds like they have an idea of what they’ll do but no definite plans - yet.

Give them a break! We bitch when they don’t make changes fast enough and now we bitch when they have plans for changes. Hard to have it both ways.

This is what can be done with the Einhugur treeview (see screenshot at the top of this conversation). I have hoped that transparency could be implemented for the Xojo listbox as well, then we can put it on a window with vibrancy applied (through declares) and then we have the same effect:


That’s being consistent! :wink: