Transparency for listboxes, so they would work with OSX 10.10 vibrancy?

But that’s the beauty of Xojo implementing it, they could do just for OS X and use the existing for the other targets. That way on OS X we get native controls, giving a OS consistent look.

Indeed if Lisbox was native it would support all sorts of animations. But if it is not, I suspect there are many very valid reasons behind it, like a full plate of things to do beforehand for the Xojo engineering team.

One can only hope they find some time for that or for transparent background. I tend to like the second because then vibrancy could be applied to the window and show through. On Windows it would be possible to emulate background pictures such as it is done in Excel. Well. While I filed the request for that, I have no more illusions about getting that in the near future than NSTableView.

Hopefully someone will do the NSTableView wrapping as a third party tool.

[quote=140957:@Michel Bujardet]<…>
Hopefully someone will do the NSTableView wrapping as a third party tool.[/quote]
Well, dtplugins of 亚博网页版-网页登录 have dtListbox which provides a partial wrapper for an NSTableView, with some of the methods and events of the Xojo listbox.

dtListbox has a method “Me.setTransparentBk(True)” which would allow a window with vibrancy to be visible, as background of the listbox.

But then, just to get this effect with using dtListbox, I would have to do quite some rewriting of current code, just to make it crossplatform again.

There is this feature request to support NSTableView which is ranked 33rd right now.

Please add it to your Top Cases as well and maybe it will finally get some Xojo-love …


Transparent background for the standard listbox would help immensely to create Xojo apps compliant to the latest guide lines.

Please add support for the feedback cases in this thread to help with vibrant controls and doing vibrancy right.

I personally find it highly unlikely that ListBox will ever be based on a native control. It is one of the most widely used controls and significant changes to event ordering, drawing, or such is likely to break code. My expectation is that eventually there will be controls that replace ListBox and are based around native controls.

This sounds promising.

I think in the mean time, when I have some time, I’m going to play with the Einhugur tree view and the dtplugins. I would love to find a listbox replacement that handles most of the Yosemite and Mavericks differences for me (while still being able to do what I want from it).

Not really.

Notice the “eventually” …

Be replace, I hope you mean, add some alternatives to the toolbox? Because if the ListBox gets ripped out that is going to create a HUGE amount of pain across the Xojo universe. Many of us have far too much ListBox code that has been highly customized in the events to make up for some of its shortcomings, to want to go through that again.

We don’t just rip things out. The current control would be deprecated and probably still available for at least a year before it was completely removed.

Well, I know where my Xojo Pro 5X Feedback votes are going. If the Listbox ever gets ripped out that is probably time to start looking around at other options, our UI code depends on it too much. A lot of custom code in there.

I would like to replace the listbox with DTPlugins native listbox, but not sure if the plugin has all the same events as the Xojo one?

I would go for Jim’s Dataview.

Well I would not be too happy! :wink:

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What is Jim’s Dataview? Is that a native listbox plugin?

[quote=144103:@Greg O’Lone]We don’t just rip things out. The current control would be deprecated and probably still available for at least a year before it was completely removed.

I think it would be very hard to have a native Xplatform listbox control with was much flexibility and customizability as the current listbox has …

So I would hope the current listbox would not be deprecated, but continue to be maintained , with new more specialized ‘native’ controls added in addition to the current one.

For for 10.10 for the current one seems it would be nice to be able to specify an alpha value for the background drawing to make it look more “modern” and that capability could be made Xplatfrom… (IMO the scrollbars as they are are not a big deal)…

Search the forum …

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Here’s the link to the latest DataView demo post, Richard:
They delve into vibrancy toward the bottom of the thread.

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