Track Keyboard/Mouse activity

In addtion to tracking the mousedown and keydown events in various controls…

I also need to have a APP or Window level check…
At this level all I need to know is was a key pressed, or was the mouseclicked… and then pass that event on so the proper focused control can deal with it normally.

The reason is I have a timer that decrements a counter every minute. when that counter hits zero, the program locks down and requires a password to resume
So when I detect a key/mouse I would reset the counter.

I’d prefer NOT to place this in the event of the controls (or subclass them)

So far it seems the control gets the mouse event before the window does

And many controls consume the mouse/key event, so the window never gets them at all. You could hook into the mouse and keyboard messages via declares, I suppose. It would be very platform specific code.