TP_WebKit Adds MessageAllSessions

I’ve added a new MessageAllSessions function to TP_WebKit! This function will help developers send a message to each connected WebSession. Additionally, the session that sent the message receives a message sent confirmation.

TP_WebKit is a collection of fixes and functions to make Web 2.0 easier to use. Featuring fixes for GotFocus / LostFocus, KeyDown, and MouseEvents the module helps developers transition functionality to Web 2.0.

There is a live demo powered by Lifeboat here:
You can find out more information here:

Best wishes,
Tim Parnell


Satisfied customer over here!

Works great. Thanks for the effort Tim.

Tim, I’ve been trying to play with TP_WebKit WebMouse. I’m trying to add a mouseUp like your mouseDown. I think I’ve got it but I can’t get the behaviour Track Mouse Up to show up when I insert WebMouse into the UI. I can’t find the words “Track Mouse Down” anywhere in the project so I’m clearly missing something.

Any ideas?

Also, I’ve tried to use it with WebMouse and WebKeys. It works but I can’t keep it running and I can’t restart it when it stops.

Any ideas?


Well keep in mind TP_WebKit are hacks on top of the framework. I’m not sure what changing the cursor may do under the hood, but it’s possible it’s the root of why events aren’t captured. I don’t know – I’m not digging around in the framework from the outside anymore.

Mouse down tracking is set up in TP_WebKit.WebMouse.AddListener. Here, the library adds an event listener for the desired events. The only reason I imagine it would stop working is if something removed that handler.

I know @Anthony_G_Cyphers added functionality to track events to GraffitiSuite when I phased out my library, so that may be worth checking out:

If this were within the six month window FastSpring allows for refunds, I would gladly. The web framework continues to evolve, and my hacks from 2020 may be outdated now.

Tim, I tried the demo powered by Lifeboat, but I get an error:

Issuer: The original certificate provided by the server is untrusted
Expires on: 1 avr. 2031 [April 1, 2031]
Current date: 23 juill. 2023 [July 23, 2023]

Trief on Widows 10, Edge and Chrome.

I no longer offer TP_WebKit.

I try to support those who purchased it, but as the new web framework is ever evolving I found that it was too much work for the price of the library.

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