TOWER - GIT version-control for Mac and Windows

I am curious is any Xojo folks are using TOWER, version control with GIT .

I do, but I’m a total GIT noob so I keep having to roll back my mistakes and try again :smiley:

I am. It’s a very well-made git client.

Yes I use it and like it very much. I find it to be a bit slower on Windows but I like that the UI/workflows are identical on both platforms.

I used to use it. have a license for it somewhere and would swich back to it. Very nice git app for Mac. @Phillip Zedalis I havent tried the windows one. is it really slow or just a little slower than Mac?

I use SourceTree also. Its free but not as featured as Tower.

I recently thought about using Git Fork.
Since we use SVN, it’ll be a bit “strange” at first… but I intend to download a Project on GitHub, and submit some changes (Pull Request, isn’t it?). I just don’t know how to do that yet. If you know a “HowTo - from downloading to submitting a PullRequest” - thanks for letting me know (as a PM or own public thread).
(Sorry for the slight off-topic question/request of mine - I just wanted to add that “Fork” seems to look quite nice on macOS, too - and seems to have a Windows version as well).

I’ve been using Tower for ages. It’s hands down the best way to use Git version control. Currently managing about 60 projects with it. Integrates very nicely with GitHub too. Highly recommend it. The Mac version is a little smoother than the Windows version but they are both very stable and polished.

Tower is great, I used it a bit for a while when I had to use git (I prefer subversion). But like many others Towers has gone subscription model, which for me at least is where I step off the wagon. Same with Cornerstone I abandoned them for same reason.

+1 for Fork

  • Fork has both a Mac and Windows client.
  • Fork’s auto push after commit feature makes using Git like using Subversion (helpful for beginners)
  • Fork works well, and is free at this time
  • I never shut up about it

-9000 for Tower because of SaaS for no reason

[quote=417856:@Tim Parnell]
-9000 for Tower because of SaaS for no reason[/quote]

As a software developer, I find it surprising that you’re so against a SAAS model. It is turning out to be the defacto model to keep your software business sustainable.

SaaS is okay for things that are actually subscription based. The Xojo updates model even works for me. But if they’re going to lock me out of software which I paid for a license, then it’s straight to the trash because the product is garbage.

Edit: It’s entirely based on whether they lock you out of the software after you purchase. Tower does.

I’ve used Atlassian SourceTree for a number of years with mostly good results. It’s free and has a cross platform client.