Touch Screen

Is Any way to Show like Virtual KeyBoard with Xojo or a Class Virtual KeyBoard

On what device?

Windows 7 32bits or 64bits

You mean like Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> On-Screen Keyboard ?

If so you can sh.execute(“osk.exe”).

that works but manager is hard like show and close the VirtualKeyboard

You could develop one using canvas’ :slight_smile: Use windows API to “SetTopMost” in the WindowStyle to keep it ontop of all windows.

Could even use overlays and opacity to put an almost invisible keyboard over the screen and still be able to touch and access elements under it…

I have no idea how that works.
i now about the API in VB but no On XOJO

You could create a keyboard with a .show() .hide() methods and define a “OnKeyPressed(key As String)” event for example. When needed you could invoke it and process its keystrokes. If the intention is using it “in” your app.

[quote=119771:@Alexis Colon Lugo]I have no idea how that works.
i now about the API in VB but no On XOJO[/quote]

The on-screen virtual keyboard in Windows 8 is only available in the new API to Windows Store applications, not desktop applications.

Your best bet is to create one as a window where BevelButtons mimic the keys, which window you display and hide through code in response to user actions. It is fairly easy to mimic the “real” thing

See for a representation of the Touch keyboard :

Yes Rick

Just to get the Idea: