ToThePoint Software Releases Font Sleuth v2.4.1

Keremeos (8/21/13) - ToThePoint Software Releases Font Sleuth v2.4.1

Font Sleuth is a font browser and organizer with a focused feature set enabling users to find fonts fast. Create font groups according to your own criteria for even faster font location. Using the Font Sleuth Viewer window, you can view your installed or uninstalled fonts in a wysiwyg list (displayed in their font faces) with your own sample text and live text resizing.

With the Display window you can quickly browse fonts and see each one displayed with the attributes you choose: sample text, size, color, and alignment.

Run a font slideshow with font attributes your choose and that can be adjusted while the slideshow is running: size, color, sample text, and alignment.

Print and save wysiwyg font lists.

View Font Book collections


  • fixed a bug preventing adding new groups.
  • automatic window repositioning if Group Editor expands beyond right of screen
  • reimplemented Go To button to jump to font names beginning with a selected letter of the alphabet


  • integrated Group Editor into main window
  • native cocoa build
  • character sheet


Requires Mac OS 10.4 or later

Font Sleuth is Shareware. The registration fee is $15 US.

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