toText locale not optional

In the docs it says that the locale is optional, yet this line of code shows an error on compile.

self.lRemainingTime.Text = ctMin.toText("#0") + ":" + ctSec.toText("00")

Changing it to the following gets rid of the error.

self.lRemainingTime.Text = ctMin.toText(Locale.Raw,"#0") + ":" + ctSec.toText(Locale.Raw,"00")

Is this a bug or am I interpreting the docs wrong?

what type are ctMin & ctSec ?

This is probably Integer.ToText or Double.ToText, where the locale is mandatory and the formatting is optional.

I’ll need to clarify that more on the doc pages. There are actually two ToText methods (with Integer, at least):

ToText(Extends value As Int32, Optional locale As Xojo.Core.Locale) As Text ToText(Extends value As Int32, locale As Xojo.Core.Locale, format As Text) As Text

They are doubles but I saw it with Ints as well. A clarification in the docs would be nice. Thanks Eli and Paul.