ToolbarButton DropDownMenu

I’m having a problem with a ToolBarButton (Xojo 2019r3.1, Windows 10). One of the buttons is a style DropDownMenu, defined in the design of the ToolBar rather than added at the Open Event. It appears in the IDE properly, with the arrow indicator and icon as defined. The name of the button is ‘OtherButton’ and I’m trying to add the menu to it in the ToolBar’s Open event.

// Add a menu to OtherButton
Dim otherMenu As New MenuItem
otherMenu.Append (New MenuItem ("Sliders - Monte Cristo"))
otherMenu.Append (New MenuItem ("Sliders - Chicken Parmigiana"))
Me.OtherButton.DropDowmMenu = otherMenu

The problem is that the compiler rejects the last line with the error

MainWin.ToolSelect.Open, line 5
Type "ToolbarButton" has no member named "DropDownMenu"
Me.OtherButton.DropDowmMenu = otherMenu

My reading seems that it doesn’t recognise the OtherButton as a DropDownMenu style even though it has been defined that way.

Screen Shot 08-23-20 at 01.25 PM

Am I doing something wrong or did I miss a step?

DropDownMenu is the name of the button style - not the property you assign the menu to

Yeah, it took me a while to figure that out. My corrected code it

/ Add a menu to Others Button
Dim otherMenu As New MenuItem
otherMenu.Addmenu (New MenuItem ("Sliders - Monte Cristo"))
otherMenu.Addmenu (New MenuItem ("Sliders - Chicken Parmigiana"))
Me.OtherButton.Menu = otherMenu

which works properly. One thing that threw me off is that ‘Menu’ is not in the autocomplete list. So when I typed


and hit TAB, ‘Menu’ was not listed among the possible choices.