Toolbar without caption

I can’t seem to locate the search feature on this forum so I am not sure whether this has been asked before. I have looked through documentation but unable to find anything definitive.

I am trying to create a Toolbar without caption below the icon. However the Toolbar height does not size accordingly to be lower. What it does is leave a space below the icon and therefore the Toolbar does not look right. I am aware that Toolbar in OSX is bigger and has caption, but I am trying to create one for Windows where no caption is very normal.

Is this possible?

Oh, that “Filter Conversation” box is the Search. Was confused by the dropdown list when I clicked on it.

I don’t know if this trick still works or not… but try setting the caption to CHRB(08)

otherwise there are 3rd party toolbars (including one I wrote) that handle this quite nicely

Cho I am using Dave’s xplat toolbar and it is very nice.

Hi Dave and Mike,

Thanks for the reply.

The CHRB(08) does not seem to work. It just show that as the caption.

I downloaded the Evaluation but when I opened the project, it opened multiple tabs (about 9 or 10) of Window1 all showing the same Window. Not sure if this is correct.

Make sure your doing

Caption = ChrB(08)


Caption = “ChrB(08)”

Ie., no quotes.

I see now. Do it with code, not in with the Inspector. I will try it.

ps: I have enabled “Email me when someone posts in a conversation I have followed”. Not getting any email notification. Don’t know whether this is the correct setting but this seem the more correct.